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A few things I'm proud to share.

Priced Out of Public Schools

Public schools are designed to provide every student with an equal opportunity to achieve the American dream. In reality, that ideal is removed from the lives of millions of K-12 schoolchildren. Geographic school district boundaries and the rental housing market limit options for students with the highest needs while benefiting more affluent families in far too many communities across the country.

By Alex Spurrier, Sara Hodges, Jenn Schiess in Education policy R

School Crossing

In our report, “School Crossing - Student Transportation Safety on the Bus and Beyond,” we examine historical changes in how students get to school and the safety concerns of each mode of student transportation. We present a menu of recommendations for how individual communities, whether rural or urban, can improve student transportation safety. Many of these actions require leadership from and collaboration among different parts of a school community, including families, school and district leaders, local governments, and state policymakers.

By Alex Spurrier, Bonnie O'Keefe in Education policy


This package contains Kentucky public school data for 2012-2017 from the Kentucky School Report Card website. Data from the 2017-2018 school year are from the Open House page on the Kentucky Department of Education website.

By Alex Spurrier in R