An R package of Kentucky School Report Card data from 2012-2018

March 19, 2019

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This package contains Kentucky public school data for 2012-2017 from the Kentucky School Report Card website. Data from the 2017-2018 school year are from the Open House page on the Kentucky Department of Education website.


Install from Github with devtools:


What’s inside

This package contains nine different kinds of datasets with data at three different levels: state, district, and school. To reference a table for a particular level, you will need to append the suffix state, dist, or sch, respectively. For example, ach_grade_state would provide summary data for the entire state of Kentucky, while ach_grade_sch would provide the same data for each public school in Kentucky.

The datasets included in this package are:

  • acctbly_...: Accountability system scores and labels (until the 2015-2016 school year).
  • acctbly_essa_...: Accountablity system scores and labels after ESSA reauthorization (first year = 2017-18).
  • ach_grade_...: K-PREP test data by grade level (3-8, HS).
  • ach_level_...: K-PREP test data by school level (Elementary School, Middle School, High School).
  • act_...: ACT test data.
  • ap_...: AP test data.
  • ccr_...: College/Career Readiness data.
  • fin_summary_...: Financial summary data (district & state only).
  • frpl_...: Free/Reduced Price Lunch Eligibility data.
  • grad_...: Four-year cohort graduation rate data.
  • iep_...: Individualized Education Plan (IEP) counts and rates.
  • lep_...: Limited English Proficiency (LEP) counts and rates.
  • profile_...: Enrollment, Title 1 status, longitude, latitude, and NCES ID
  • race_...: Racial demographic data.
  • rev_exp_...: Revenue and expenditure data (district & state only).
  • seek_...: SEEK funding data (district & state only).
  • tax_...: Tax data (district & state only).
  • teach_...: Teacher data.
  • discipline_...: Discipline data.
  • legal_...: Legal event data.
  • behavior_events...: Behavior event data.
  • behavior_context...: Behavior event data by context.
  • behavior_location...: Behavior event data by location.
  • behavior_ses...: Behavior event data by student socioeconomic status.
  • behavior_grade...: Behavior event data by grade level.

Each dataset includes a unique identifier for the school/district/state, sch_id. This variable is helpful for joining data from multiple tables, as is year, which indicates the school year during which the data was generated.

There are currently 8,323,012 rows of data in this package and a total of 90,468,003 data points.

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March 19, 2019
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