How to create a free distributed data collection “app” with R and Google Sheets

A really neat concept that reminds me of my time tracking method: Jenny Bryan, developer of the google sheets R package, gave a talk at Use2015 about the package. One of the things that got me most excited about the package was an example she gave in her talk of using the Google Sheets package for data collection at ultimate frisbee tournaments. One reason is that I used to play a little ultimate back in the day.

Time Tracking

I tweeted this out earlier today: Insights from time tracking: I need to do more #rstats programming on Thursday/Friday afternoons. Also, mtgs suck. pic.twitter.com/14dFtGNubP — Alex Spurrier (@alspur) July 29, 2016 Why do I have time tracking charts that break down when I do certain kinds of work? A book ( Deep Work) and a podcast ( Cortex). I know that the ability to focus is important to the work I do, but Deep Work by Cal Newport helped articulate precisely why it’s extremely important to cultivate the ability to perform “deep work.